László Moholy-Nagy – Sensing the future

Before Berlinʻs Bauhaus Archiv is getting a reconstruction in 2019, there are still some exhibitions worth seeing. One of them is „Sensing the future“ which shows selected works of the outstanding avant-gardist László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946).

The Jewish-Hungarian painter, typographer and photographer used to be professor and assistant of Walter Gropius at Bauhaus school during the 1920s. After being forced to leave Germany, he moved to London and later on to the United States to open the „New Bauhaus“ and the School of Design in Chicago.

Moholy-Nagy also coined the term „the New Vision“ which means photography can create a new way of seeing things that would be kept hidden from the human eye. By using extraordinary perspectives and strong black and white contrasts he turned ordinary scenery into an abstract piece of art.

You have the chance to see his work until February 2015 at
Bauhaus Archiv – Klingelhöferstraße 14 in Berlin-Tiergarten.

More information here!


© Lucia Moholy, 1926

1_Moholy-Nagy 2_Moholy-Nagy 3_Moholy-Nagy

© László Moholy-Nagy


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