Osman Balkan – Male Portraits

Berlin based portrait photographer Osman Balkan captured male models Adriano, Joel, Sami and Stev for his new project:

“In this project I tried to strip the pictures down to a minimum so that its only the white background and the model. Its about focusing completely about the model and not let anything distract from it. Like a blank canvas. Emphasizing the characteristics of the model. Trying to keep it intimate and honest. The best thing to do this is a studio situation and finalizing it in black and white photography.” – Osman Balkan

Adriano_13454x3_smallAdriano_0705_4x3_smallAdriano_1410_4x3_small  Joelstudio_0001 Joelstudio_0007 Joelstudio_0008 SamiGottschalck_0305_small SamiGottschalck_1089_small SamiGottschalck_05694x3_small StevLettnin2_0498_4x3_small StevLettnin2_0935_small StevLettnin2_1044_small


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