'Not The End Of Print' by Isabel Seiffert

‘NOT THE END OF PRINT’ – A book by Isabel Seiffert

Books and magazines vs. the internet, digital publications, the digital age. There is an on going discussion about whether print media is going to die or even dead already.
Isabel Seiffert has a very different opinion. Books have become far more popular in the digital age. People would care a lot more about paper, quality and detail. They are more particular too.

Buchpräsentation 'Not The End Of Print' (Foto: Merz Akademie, Victor S. Brigola)

Her book ‘NOT THE END OF PRINT’ was released at LOTTE. Land Of The Temporary Eternity in Stuttgart. Within this very lively event she introduced the audience to the topic of ‘Self – Publishing’. The designer guided through her work, in which she explores why books are more popular than ever. And why is it, that in the past 20 years designers become more often authors and publish their work themselves?

Isabel Seiffert

‘NOT THE END OF PRINT’ is an incredible publication flowing with the Zeitgeist and resisting the current discussion. With its gilt edge and gold font it leaves the impression of a bible. It´s impeccable layout and design interlocks flawlessly with the substantial theory. All in all it is a book not only interesting for designers, but anyone who appreciates great content and extraordinary design. [Text by Carolin Brandt]

'Not The End Of Print' by Isabel Seiffert


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