The eternal struggle of good and evil. There will always be good and always be evil. One cannot exist without the other.

ART YOUTH SOCIETY (“AYS”) is a creative collective based in New York.
By integrating different art forms, styles and cultural influences, we wish to give birth to new forms of expression and celebrate our generation’s unique heritage. We support people and ideas we believe in. Watch the video here: 


To highlight the launch, AYS’s founder Ays Yuva has created a handmade 14K gold jewellery line, inspired by street savvy women about town; creative, diverse, good-humored and whip-smart. An effortless way to combine the best of modern and classic, urban and uptown, the Ays Yuva by ART YOUTH SOCIETY jewellery line debuted in December 2012 with the message of love at its core.


“Whether feeling festive or sexy, playful or laid back, we have created a ring to match your mood. With over 90 styles of chic heart, diamond, and other geometric-shaped rings and ear studs, bracelets and pendants Ays Yuva by Art Youth Society was born out of the desire to create jewellery that is whimsical and sophisticated yet timeless and truly wearable.” – Ays Yuva – Founder of AYS




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