Russian artist Alina Matlashenko about her fashion-collage technique

There are no analogues of Matlashenko fashion-collage technique in Russia. All collages are created by Alina with her own hands, without the use of photoshop or any other computer programs. Due to that fact the texture of the paper is perfectly captured and with the joints gluing each seam of cuts, the picture looks bulk and lively.

“I have started making collages for myself, just took the scissors and begun cutting out. By that moment I have already had plenty interesting illustrations, which serve as a good source of inspiration and raw material for creating my works. I never wanted to do something in photoshop. The point is when you make the collage by hand, your thoughts and ideas flow from your head through scissors to the paper. After all the parts of collage are ready I put and glue together. And only afterwards I take a photo and process it a little bit. The picture is ready. But initially it is all hand-made”.

_1 _4 _7 _8 0 1 3 3светлый 4 dim ира травы2


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