Garilla by André Kirchner

Demonstrate with rainbow flags and rose-colored glasses: dress up and march. Homosexual protest loses credibility when it’s more about exhibition skating rather than political messages. The CSD degenerates to a party mile – a celebration of clichés.
The photographs on the slide film by André Kirchner are showing the “enough is enough” demonstration in Berlin 2013 marinated for 2 weeks in (homophobic) Barilla Fusilli with Bolognese. Afterwards the analogue film was developed. The noodle dish eats its way through the protesting crowd. What remains is a candy aesthetic that disguises what has been struggled for same-sex love.Andre_Kirchner-garilla_And copy Andre_Kirchner-garilla_AndreKirchner_InfosWeb-1 Andre_Kirchner-garilla_AndreKirchner_InfosWeb-4 Andre_Kirchner-garilla_AndreKirchner_InfosWeb-5 Andre_Kirchner-garilla_AndreKirchner_InfosWeb-6 Andre_Kirchner-garilla_AndreKirchner_InfosWeb-7

analoge Fotografien / analogue photographs André Kirchner, 2014
6x 70x50cm


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