Nil & Mon “Hug my Heroes” S/S 15

By: Catalina Campos

Adorned by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Cara Delevigne, and Azari & III, fashion brand Nil & Mon released Their eclectic and vibrant Spring / Summer 2015 collection. Headed by the talented Central Saint Martins graduate, Lin Beeser, successfully transforms basic and casual staples into a high-quality, unique pieces.

The new summer collection, titled “Hug my Heroes” is a tribute to iconic comic figures with playful bunnies, ducks, mice and designs featured on the sweaters. Beeser plays with proportion and detail as the Heroes are graced with button eyes, ribbons, shimmering lips, and added chrome trim on. The gem of the collection remains to be the letterman jackets with charming cartoon created by different textures and colors on the backs. Through the coveted collection’s bubbly and vibrancy designs, “Hug my Heroes” will become essential to staple to add to any summer wardrobe.

Nil & Mon is sold in prestigious boutiques Exclusively salon and department stores with Beeser’s collections featured in the VOGUE salon.




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