CONVERSE “Made by You” Campaign Launch

By: Catalina Campos

In an evening celebrating creativity and an ever-lasting spirit of youth, CONVERSE launched the new “Made by you” campaign honoring the iconic brand’s fans. On Monday, March 2nd, at the CRONE gallery located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, a selected crowd of fashionable young CONVERSE fans gathered to enjoy the music catered by DJs, Radio Slave, Planningtorock, Eric Duncan, and Kill the Tills, and to view the long gallery wall adorned with framed prints of customized Chucks created by musician, artists, and members of the fashion-industry. From graffitied to black-liquored bejeweled Chuck Taylors, the CONVERSE centerpiece of the event honors more than one hundred “active” Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers worn by Radioslave and RY X to name a few.

Vice president of global marketing, Ian Stewart, states, “Made by you is based on the universal desire, we all want to be ourselves. Every single Chuck Taylor wearer has made their contribution and has made the brand into what it is today: a symbol for creativity. It’s time to celebrate our companions.” The long history of the 98 year-old Chuck Taylor contributes to the soul of the wearer with distinct customizations usually designed by their owners.

The London-native musician, SOHH, closed the evening with performances from his recently released album “Tremors” providing guests with his mesmerizing synthesized R&B ambience. The global, multi-channeled “Made by you” campaign will continue through social media and in-store campaigns

CONVERSE_MBY_Location_3 CONVERSE_MBY_Sohn Performance_1 CONVERSE_MBY_Sohn Performance_4





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