Toro Y Moi @ Lido: Live Review

By: Catalina Campos

At the end of March, Toro Y Moi performed live at Berlin’s Lido venue to a highly enthusiastic, not to mention sold-out, international crowd, promoting their latest album, “What For?”. I have been listening to Toro Y Moi since first introduced to his album, “Anything In Return,” released back in 2013 by Carpark Records, an album that suits my taste of a modernized, soft R&B and chill dance music mixed in with eloquent lyrics. Dubbed, “The Godfather of Chillwave” by The Rolling Stones, Toro Y Moi has been fostering attention and gaining a wide array of listeners, especially after the album’s song, “Harm In Change,” was even featured on a popular Marc Jacob’s playlist. Although the opportunity passed me to see the band perform live in my hometown of Houston, Texas, the concert in Lido surpassed my expectations and proved that their style and craft will continue to positively evolve.

Since Berlin is notorious for their contemporary music scene, the space wasn’t a disappointment and deemed perfect for Toro Y Moi’s psychedelic, chill-funk groove. Apart from the psychedelic backdrop that only reminds you of what it’s like to look through a pair of kaleidoscope glasses, the immense disco ball hovering over a dancing crowd added the right ambience to their iconic style. Although I unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on the setlist for the night, they played their popular, uplifting songs that kept the crowd moving, along with a few tracks from “What For?” building anticipation for the then, not yet released album. Toro Y Moi’s strong rhythmic guitar capabilities, vibrant synthesized tones, and the beautiful live aesthetics of their dreamy lights and backdrop set-up made it a memorable performance. The best part had to be Chaz Bundick’s approachability to fans wishing to praise, chat, or take a picture with him.

“What For?” is currently available to purchase.

DSC_0039DSC_0042 DSC_0057 DSC_0077

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