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CRYSTALS ver I – an audio-visual collaboration

Crystals is an audio-visual collaboration utilizing live orchestra between multi-disciplinary artist Bruno Levy and DJ/composer Kate Simko.

Using stop motion photography, Bruno Levy captured various types of crystals growing under a microscope. As the evaporation process occurred, a wide variety of patterns and shapes were formed, creating an organic, yet otherworldly landscape. Continue reading

Bernard Pras – Junk Collages

Junk Collages are anamorphosis by the French artist Bernard Pras . He arranges ordinary objects to unique works of art . His art pieces are developed from painted or photographic sources. From up-close these objects look like random clusters, but with a certain distance and a certain angle, you can see a true masterpiece. Continue reading

László Moholy-Nagy – Sensing the future

Before Berlinʻs Bauhaus Archiv is getting a reconstruction in 2019, there are still some exhibitions worth seeing. One of them is „Sensing the future“ which shows selected works of the outstanding avant-gardist László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946).

Continue reading

Aaron Sherwood – Archetype

Archetype by Aaron Sherwood is an expression of a world in constant, continuous change, realized in a generative audio/visual installation. Images are projected onto three vertical 6′ x 3.5′ pieces of translucent paper hanging from the ceiling, arranged in a circle. Continue reading